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Simple Ways Your Business Can Go Green


Some business owners may feel they’re too busy to introduce environmentally friendly practices into their workplace. In fact, going green at work is easier than it seems – and it comes with many benefits. When launching a green initiative, smaller businesses have the advantages of a small staff and greater flexibility, which make it easier to communicate their goals and enact green policies throughout their business. Follow these simple tips to help your own business go green and enjoy the benefits of greater sustainability.


Know the Benefits

Begin by educating your staff about the importance of your initiative. Everyone knows going green is good for the environment, but eco-friendly changes can also translate into specific benefits for you and your staff. Creating a green culture can generate goodwill from your community and customers, and it can help you attract and retain employees. Plus, finding ways to reduce waste can help your business remove workplace clutter, boost efficiency, and even save money.  


Start Simple

Going green is a change to your business’s culture – leadership is key. Have your staff set up a small committee to coordinate this endeavor. The committee should be responsible for setting out recycling bins and encouraging the whole team to use them; eliminating waste in your kitchen or breakroom by relying on reusable cups, bowls, and cutlery; and offering filtered tap water instead of bottled water.  


Go Paperless

Going paperless doesn’t just save trees. It can help you save money on supplies, reduce clutter, and manage documents more easily. Many businesses choose to replace their hefty file cabinets with a single server or cloud-based document management system for all their files. Consider hiring a vendor to digitize your existing paper documents, and encourage your employees to use the printer only when it’s necessary. Also, ask your vendors to switch to electronic invoicing, and consider signing up for free Business eStatements for your account with Sun National Bank.


Boost Your Sustainability Efforts

For more ways to go green, consider these sustainability best practices that support the well-being of your staff and effectiveness of your workplace. And if your business owns its building or plans to build or expand a facility, learn how sustainable design and construction practices can help lower your utility bills and add significant value to this investment.

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