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How Remote Deposit Can Reduce Fraud Risk


When it comes to processing your customers’ payments, you need a solution that offers both efficiency and security. Remote deposit streamlines your payment processing by letting your employees scan and deposit customers’ checks without leaving the office. This service is also an important way for middle-market businesses to prevent fraud, identity theft, and other risks. Here’s how remote check deposit can help your business keep payment processing secure:


Prevent Mistakes

The traditional way of handling payments by check – physically depositing them – gets complicated when you have multiple employees responsible for handling payments at multiple locations. This decentralized process can lead to errors, processing delays, and even misplaced payments. Remote deposit centralizes the process and enables your employees to quickly deposit checks in the same way, no matter which office they work in. This consistency helps reduce mistakes that could lead to lost or stolen financial information. This also eliminates the risk and burden of after-hours bank deposits.


Protect Customers’ Financial Data

Whether you serve individual consumers or other companies, taking steps to protect your customers’ financial information is an important way to maintain trust. Remote deposit helps to secure customer information, reducing the risk of fraud or identity theft due to a data breach at your company. After scanning and submitting customers’ payments, you don’t need to store images of customer checks on your workplace computers. Your business can view deposit information anytime on a secure outside network.


Identify Problems Faster

Remote deposit lets your business process payments as they’re received, allowing checks to clear faster. When you use Sun National Bank’s remote deposit service, simply deposit a check by 6:00 p.m. and the funds are available to use the next day. And real-time payment processing doesn’t just improve your efficiency and cash flow. Quickly learning that a check has been returned can help your business detect and address problems as soon as they arise.


Remote deposit can add value to any company that handles a large number of checks from multiple locations. This process is ideal for industries such as manufacturing, real estate, and insurance. Sun National Bank’s remote deposit service uses the latest security features to reduce fraud risk and ensure the integrity of your electronic data. We also provide comprehensive guidelines to protect the security of each deposit.

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