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Use Controlled Disbursement to Maximize Your Cash Position


Middle-market companies are bringing greater productivity and agility to their treasury management thanks to Controlled Disbursement. This tool lets decision-makers enjoy greater control and insight into their cash positions through daily information about pending disbursements. This way, they can allocate exactly as much as needed for each day’s disbursements while keeping surplus funds in short-term investment opportunities, such as money market investments.

Sun National Bank’s Controlled Disbursement Services are a check presentment solution designed to help you minimize idle balances and tighten account management practices. With early-morning, same-day notification of your check-clearing totals, you can make accurate fund disbursements, maximize your daily cash positions, enhance investment opportunities, and reduce your borrowing requirements, all with less manual effort.


Controlled Disbursement can be used to fund a wide range of transactions, including:

  • Trade payables
  • Expense reimbursements
  • Insurance payments
  • Pension payments
  • Dividend checks

Once you fund your account, you can automatically pool any remaining funds for investment or debt reduction and eliminate idle balances and overdraft charges. Invested funds earn interest up to the minute you need them to fund disbursements. For faster research and reporting, you will receive a monthly CD containing images of your company’s checks.


Sun National Bank’s Controlled Disbursement Services offer tight controls to maximize your position. Checks for Controlled Disbursement purposes are presented for payment only once per day. This process allows Sun National Bank’s Cash Management team to identify check totals early each day and forward the data to you electronically by 10:00am.

When combined with our BankLink™ Balance Information Reporting Service, your Controlled Disbursement account will present a complete picture of your starting cash position at the beginning of each day. By adding a Zero Balance Account option, you maximize the availability of your funds and pool balances into a single operating account.

Controlled Disbursement is one way to make your treasury management more efficient and responsive. Learn more about Sun National Bank’s powerful cash management solutions.

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