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Sun National Bank offers business loans with flexible terms to cover both short- and long-term financing needs.

Clover™ Station


Clover™ Station is a revolutionary system that simplifies your small business operations. Clover Station helps you track inventory, manage employees, gain customer insight, drive loyalty, and accept payments with ease — all on one powerful system.

How Can Clover Station Help Your Business?

  • High-resolution touchscreen, user-friendly interface, and a pivot arm for easy interaction with customers
  • Limited footprint and separate cash drawer
  • Restaurant printers and barcode scanners, offer the flexibility to fit your specific needs
  • Automatically build a transaction record and track inventory
  • Create loyalty programs to help drive repeat and lasting customer relationships
  • Web dashboard so you can manage your business on any desktop, smartphone or tablet
  • Uses cloud-based software so that you always have access to your important business information
  • Enabled with the latest in security technology for total transaction protection

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