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Your business checking account is typically at the center of your business banking relationship. Find out more about our business accounts.

Business Cash Management


Cash and liquidity are critical to keeping your business in the black. Sun National Bank’s family of cash management services are designed manage your cash flow efficiently and keep your money working for you.

Business Cash Management features:

  • Banklink™ Internet Banking provides an online portal to your bank information
  • Automated Clearing House (ACH) automates funds transfers and helps prevent fraud
  • Account reconcilement plans to improve efficiency
  • Controlled disbursement services provide early and accurate funding information on checks
  • Lockbox services for managing account receivables and check collection
  • Remote Deposit Services allow you to deposit checks directly from your office
  • Real-time domestic or international wire transfers
  • Zero balance accounting consolidates daily transactions into a master account


NACHA Operating Rules Supplement #1-2012 Effective March 15, 2013
NACHA Operating Rules Supplement #2-2012 Effective September 20, 2013