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Prevent Identity Theft When Traveling On Business


Traveling to meet with clients or business partners is often an important way to support your company’s growth. Unfortunately, business travelers are sometimes exposed to identity theft, which can result from physical theft, a merchant data breach, or an unsecured transaction with a local business.


Identity theft affects millions of Americans and causes billions of dollars in losses each year. But, there are steps you can take to protect your financial identity. Follow these tips to keep your information more secure on your next business trip.


Before Your Trip

  • Keep account numbers safe. Consider using a password-protected USB thumb drive.
  • Use strong passwords for online accounts. Your kids’ names and other easy-to-find information should never serve as passwords. Passwords should be at least eight characters and preferably longer, have a mix of letters and numbers, and should not repeat characters consecutively.
  • Set up a VPN or secure network for remote internet access. Install virtual private network (VPN) software on your laptop, which will encrypt your data to keep it secure on public Wi-Fi.


While You Travel

  • Don’t use your debit card. When you travel, these may be especially vulnerable to theft.
  • Monitor your accounts. Review your Sun National Bank accounts online, and contact us right away if you notice suspicious activity.
  • Use caution with public Wi-Fi. Hotel and airport Wi-Fi networks are often unsecure, and thieves may set up fake Wi-Fi hotspots designed to steal your information.


Protecting Company Data

Your personal financial information isn’t the only valuable data at stake. When you travel for business, guard the sensitive business information on your laptop or mobile device by following these best practices.


Keeping Financial Information Secure

At Sun National Bank, we work hard to keep your data safe. We use sophisticated technology and cybersecurity best practices to maintain the highest level of security for all accounts and transactions. To learn how we protect your personal and financial information, plus ways to prevent and respond to data theft, visit our Security Center

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