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Some business owners may feel they’re too busy to introduce environmentally friendly practices into their workplace. In fact, going green at work is easier than it seems – and it comes with many benefits. When launching a green initiative, smaller businesses have the advantages of a small staff and greater flexibility, which make it easier […]

As people continue to search for ways to reduce their carbon footprint and decrease the amount of unwanted mail they receive, electronic statements are being used more frequently. And small businesses are also taking advantage of the benefits. You can get eStatements for free and signing up is easy, and if you’re already using online […]

As a small business, it’s important to operate efficiently. And there is no better time to assess your energy use than the dog days of summer. You may find out you’re throwing money out the window. Here are three easy energy-saving tips to help you save money this summer: Automate Your Temperature Settings You can […]

If you intend to renovate or build an office, warehouse, or other corporate space, green design and construction should be on your radar. While the case for sustainable building and renovation practices is often made from an environmental standpoint, there are also a number of fiscal benefits you should understand. The major national green building […]

If you’ve already made energy efficient upgrades to your business, you may also be interested in sustainable business practices to help preserve natural resources and create a healthier work environment. By implementing energy-efficient sustainable business practices – from producing less waste to consuming less energy to using resources more efficiently – businesses throughout the region are […]