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Small Business Matters


While the crates of classic rock albums in your attic are a record collection worth keeping, chances are you’re less enthusiastic about your “other” record collection: the high volume of old business records taking up valuable space in your office or on your hard drive. Even if you and your bookkeeper have established an efficient […]

No one wants to think about their tax return when tax season is months away. But, when your filing deadline is getting closer, lack of preparation can leave you disorganized, slow down the filing process, and even increase the possibility of errors. Better recordkeeping is a great way to improve your business’s tax strategy and […]

You’ve got a great idea and the determination required to start your own small business. Or you’ve got an established business that you’re ready to take to the next level. Either way, you will need a strong business credit profile to get the funding you need to set these big plans into motion.   A […]

Finding the right space can be key to boosting your business’s performance. While factors like location, square footage, and infrastructure may influence how your business operates, it is equally important to consider whether it’s best to lease or own your space.   Both choices have advantages and disadvantages. Leasing commercial property gives businesses the opportunity […]

One of the best ways you can support the success of your business is to choose a business structure that fits your needs and objectives. There are many different business entities, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. When choosing whether to organize your business as an LLC, partnership, S corp, or other entity, it’s […]

When starting a new business or expanding your current business, choosing how it will be organized is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. Your business structure has major implications with regard to tax treatment, your personal liability as an owner, and even your ability to grow the business. There are many different business […]

While the C corporation is the business structure of choice for the Fortune 500, many business owners have found success by adopting C corp’s smaller variation: the S corporation. If you’re starting a new business or thinking about restructuring your existing business, choosing S corp status may provide some valuable advantages. With an S corp, […]

The choice of your business’s accounting method from the start shouldn’t be taken lightly. Whether you use a cash basis or accrual basis of accounting – can have a long-term impact on your profit/loss data, your tax strategy, and even your ability to secure financing or attract investment. Each method has its own benefits and […]

Employee fraud causes billions of dollars in business losses each year. According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) 2016 Global Fraud Study, the median loss for U.S. businesses affected by internal fraud was $120,000. Unfortunately, the risk of employee fraud is especially high for smaller businesses, the ACFE found. This is because small businesses […]

Having a car for your small business can offer many advantages, but it’s important to know that owning a car is different for businesses than for individuals. In fact, companies where employees must travel don’t always need to provide vehicles. If owning a company car is right for your business, learn how to comply with […]