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One of the best ways to improve the effectiveness of your short- and long-term operations is to approach them within the context of your working capital. Working capital refers to the availability of cash for everyday operations and can be expressed as the ratio of current assets to current liabilities.   When a company has […]

The efficient use of business funds is key to the success of any middle-market company. To support the business’s performance, take a bird’s eye view of your financial activity – including all revenue streams, expenditures, and capital reserves. By examining how each factor contributions to your overall financial picture, you’ll be in a better position […]

As the summer approaches and you become distracted by thoughts of sandy beaches, consider this: You are operating the business during the time of the “empowered customer.” Today’s customer is connected and mobile and has an endless abundance of choices. Your customers are loyal to your business only to the extent to which they feel […]

Protecting your company’s inventory involves more than just guarding against physical theft. While setting up controls to prevent traditional inventory theft is important, it’s just as crucial to monitor and implement controls for your company’s inventory record-keeping. If your company is a retailer, manufacturer, or other inventory-based business, taking steps to prevent fraudulent inventory accounting […]

A company’s inventory is often one of the largest assets on its balance sheet. Unfortunately, inventory doesn’t always receive the careful monitoring it deserves – often at the expense of a company’s bottom line.   Whether you deal with raw materials, parts, supplies, or finished goods, it’s common to find small discrepancies between your inventory […]

The term “sustainability” is often associated with efforts to reduce waste and support the environment. But especially when it comes to your company, sustainability includes more than green business practices. As a long-term approach to value creation, corporate sustainability supports customers, employees, and stakeholders by addressing every aspect of a company’s operations – its culture, […]

Like any other relationship, your company’s relationship with its supplier must be nurtured over time to stay productive. Because growing companies have changing needs, it’s important to revisit the terms of your supplier contract on a regular basis. That’s why many companies prefer to limit supplier contracts to one year. By returning to the negotiating […]

Few things are more important to your company’s productivity than the space in which you work. If your company has outgrown its current office space but isn’t yet ready to acquire a property of its own, it’s important to have a careful strategy as you prepare to lease your next office. Getting the best office […]

Traveling to meet with clients or business partners is often an important way to support your company’s growth. Unfortunately, business travelers are sometimes exposed to identity theft, which can result from physical theft, a merchant data breach, or an unsecured transaction with a local business.   Identity theft affects millions of Americans and causes billions […]

When it comes to your budget, cash reserves, and tax burden, capital expenditures (CAPEX) and operating expenditures (OPEX) can affect your company in different ways. Typically, big-ticket purchases that offer long-term value are reported as CAPEX, while year-round or short-term needs are treated as OPEX. But when it comes to your IT needs, you may […]