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Commercial Insights

Strategies for improving margins, enhancing cash flow, protecting assets, and financing growth.

Guarding Your Business Against Spear-Phishing


As the number of cyberattacks affecting American companies continues to grow, businesses are taking more steps to prevent phishing, a well-known online fraud that’s often the gateway for data theft and other crimes. While phishing has caused significant losses and disruptions for many businesses, its more advanced variation, spear-phishing, can pose an even greater cybersecurity […]

Small Business Matters

Recommendations for saving time, increasing control, planning ahead, and growing your business.

6 Ways to Protect Your Business from Ransomware


A ransomware cyberattack can seriously hurt your bottom line, but not just because you have to pay a ransom. When a network is infected with ransomware, this can freeze all business activity – and revenue – until the ransom is paid. Worst of all, in many cases, the files remain permanently encrypted – and effectively […]