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Commercial Insights

Strategies for improving margins, enhancing cash flow, protecting assets, and financing growth.

Grow Your Business With Rent From Tenants


Whether you’re first starting a business or looking to expand, finding the necessary capital can sometimes be a challenge. If you don’t want to mortgage your home or take out a loan that will be expensive to pay back, becoming a commercial landlord can be a great way to gradually grow your business. While being […]

Small Business Matters

Recommendations for saving time, increasing control, planning ahead, and growing your business.

Keep It or Shred It? Best Practices for Record Retention


While the crates of classic rock albums in your attic are a record collection worth keeping, chances are you’re less enthusiastic about your “other” record collection: the high volume of old business records taking up valuable space in your office or on your hard drive. Even if you and your bookkeeper have established an efficient […]