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Company Culture


Our  values:

Performance   •   Teamwork   •   Commitment   •   Integrity   •   Accountability   •   Leadership

We're committed to living these values every day in our professional lives. By providing innovative products backed by outstanding service, we will achieve our vision of being the best choice for individuals, families, and businesses seeking a valuable relationship with a financial partner that has the people, resources, and commitment necessary to help them prosper.


An inclusive environment, supporting and valuing the diversity of employees, customers, and suppliers is the standard at Sun National Bank. Diversity is central to our values. We are stronger with a workforce that reflects and understands the differences of the organizations and communities we serve.  We encourage an environment that invites and celebrates the distinctions of culture, ethnicity, race, gender, background, beliefs, and physical abilities.  Embracing individuality is essential to a broader perspective provided in our business solutions.


We are responsible to recognize and respect the uniqueness of individuals in the relationships we cultivate. An inclusive culture fosters promotion of a diverse employee population and diverse business partnerships.

Our  Mission:

“Foster valuable relationships by providing the expert guidance, straightforward solutions, and responsive service that our customers deserve.”