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Whether traveling for business or pleasure, few things put a damper on your trip like the loss or theft of valuables. Sometimes the theft of confidential information on your laptop or mobile device is worse than losing the device itself. Increasingly powerful technology makes it easy for executives to work when they travel, but this […]

Middle-market companies are bringing greater productivity and agility to their treasury management thanks to Controlled Disbursement. This tool lets decision-makers enjoy greater control and insight into their cash positions through daily information about pending disbursements. This way, they can allocate exactly as much as needed for each day’s disbursements while keeping surplus funds in short-term […]

At the beginning of each year, middle-market executives often think about how they can improve productivity over the next 12 months. If you’re looking for ways to boost your company’s efficiency, here are four strategies that can help: Replace or Upgrade Computers Slow or outdated computers can be a major headache. Often, you can get […]

For middle-market companies, taking advantage of growth opportunities is key to long-term success – but this comes with a price tag. Depending on your company, industry, and growth strategy, expansion might mean introducing a service line, entering a new market, expanding your workforce, procuring technology, acquiring real estate, or improving your facilities.   Many executives […]

When it comes to processing your customers’ payments, you need a solution that offers both efficiency and security. Remote deposit streamlines your payment processing by letting your employees scan and deposit customers’ checks without leaving the office. This service is also an important way for middle-market businesses to prevent fraud, identity theft, and other risks. […]

Having top-of-the-line equipment is an important way your company can remain competitive. Sometimes it’s necessary to replace or expand your current array of equipment. But this can present a major upfront cost. When it isn’t wise to purchase new equipment outright, leasing or financing may be a suitable alternative. Equipment leasing and financing are each […]

Middle-market executives want to ensure that travel expenses directly contribute to their company’s profits and growth.  To compensate employees for travel expenses, businesses either provide a per diem (a fixed daily budget) or reimburse their employees’ actual expenses. As you plan your travel budget for 2017, consider the pros and cons of each method: PER […]

Business travel is often one of the largest controllable expenses companies face. Last year, American workers took an average of 1.3 million business trips per day, but the cost of each trip varied widely – depending on the purpose and itinerary, the travel budget, and decisions made for the sake of comfort and convenience. By […]

Hospitals and medical offices need a receivables solution that efficiently addresses the unique needs of their industry. That’s why Sun National Bank’s cash management solutions include Healthcare Lockbox. From smoothly managing traditional and paperless records to maintaining HIPAA compliance, Healthcare Lockbox can provide decision makers a remittance automation tool that’s tailored to the needs of […]

Executives know the importance of an efficient accounts receivable process. Lockbox Services is a powerful way for your staff to quickly process payments and gain insight through advanced search and organization tools. These advantages are great for any busy company, but they’re especially important for accommodating new accounts and driving your company’s growth. Here’s how […]