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Few things are more important to your company’s productivity than the space in which you work. If your company has outgrown its current office space but isn’t yet ready to acquire a property of its own, it’s important to have a careful strategy as you prepare to lease your next office. Getting the best office […]

Traveling to meet with clients or business partners is often an important way to support your company’s growth. Unfortunately, business travelers are sometimes exposed to identity theft, which can result from physical theft, a merchant data breach, or an unsecured transaction with a local business.   Identity theft affects millions of Americans and causes billions […]

When it comes to your budget, cash reserves, and tax burden, capital expenditures (CAPEX) and operating expenditures (OPEX) can affect your company in different ways. Typically, big-ticket purchases that offer long-term value are reported as CAPEX, while year-round or short-term needs are treated as OPEX. But when it comes to your IT needs, you may […]

Making productive use of surplus funds is an important way to ensure that your cash reserves are continuously growing. Middle-market companies are using Sweep Services to do just that. Instead of letting excess funds sit in a low- or no-interest operating account, this solution automatically “sweeps” these funds into an investment account. At the end […]

When handled correctly, capital expenditures can help your business operate more efficiently and boost revenue. However, choosing where, when, and how much to spend can come with many uncertainties. It may feel safer to avoid major outlays altogether, but being too frugal can inhibit improvements. Performing a careful cost-benefit analysis when budgeting capital expenditures can […]

Whether traveling for business or pleasure, few things put a damper on your trip like the loss or theft of valuables. Sometimes the theft of confidential information on your laptop or mobile device is worse than losing the device itself. Increasingly powerful technology makes it easy for executives to work when they travel, but this […]

Middle-market companies are bringing greater productivity and agility to their treasury management thanks to Controlled Disbursement. This tool lets decision-makers enjoy greater control and insight into their cash positions through daily information about pending disbursements. This way, they can allocate exactly as much as needed for each day’s disbursements while keeping surplus funds in short-term […]

At the beginning of each year, middle-market executives often think about how they can improve productivity over the next 12 months. If you’re looking for ways to boost your company’s efficiency, here are four strategies that can help: Replace or Upgrade Computers Slow or outdated computers can be a major headache. Often, you can get […]

For middle-market companies, taking advantage of growth opportunities is key to long-term success – but this comes with a price tag. Depending on your company, industry, and growth strategy, expansion might mean introducing a service line, entering a new market, expanding your workforce, procuring technology, acquiring real estate, or improving your facilities.   Many executives […]

When it comes to processing your customers’ payments, you need a solution that offers both efficiency and security. Remote deposit streamlines your payment processing by letting your employees scan and deposit customers’ checks without leaving the office. This service is also an important way for middle-market businesses to prevent fraud, identity theft, and other risks. […]