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Commercial Insights

Strategies for improving margins, enhancing cash flow, protecting assets, and financing growth.

4 Best Practices For Business Operations


Many companies are embracing the lean business model. And, while some might say it is the latest fad, going lean and staying lean can actually make a huge impact on a company’s efficiency. The “lean” operational philosophy focuses on improving activities by keeping the customer’s perspective of value in mind. This continuous improvement – engaging […]

Small Business Matters

Recommendations for saving time, increasing control, planning ahead, and growing your business.

The Truth About Occupational Fraud


Occupational fraud, also known as employee theft, is when an employee misuses or misapplies the resources or assets of a business for their own personal gain. Many fraud cases go undetected, while others are discovered accidentally or reported by a whistleblower. Here are the facts you should know about occupational fraud.   Know the Financial […]

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