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Commercial Insights

Strategies for improving margins, enhancing cash flow, protecting assets, and financing growth.

Step Up Your Supplier Negotiations


As a business owner, supplier negotiation is a key part of an effective business management strategy. Whether you need a lower price, better delivery times, enhanced product quality, or different payment terms, a successful supplier negotiation starts with taking a win-win perspective on the outcomes that are acceptable to both you and your suppliers.   […]

Small Business Insights

Recommendations for saving time, increasing control, planning ahead, and growing your business.

Why You Should Consider an Equipment Loan or Lease


At some point, your small business is going to need new equipment to keep operations running. Depending on your situation, you may find buying new equipment isn’t the best decision for your company, as it may require significant capital spending upfront. Purchasing used equipment is an option, but not if the type of equipment you […]

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